Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Nephew Tommy Prank Calls

There is no doubt that, Nephew Tommy has made his name famous in the comedy industry. He has proved that, he is a good film producer, actor, comedian and entrepreneur. His career started as an actor and he has been in this industry for more than twenty years. Nephew is a presenter in a popular radio and plays a very important role in the morning show. He lights up the show with his colorful characters and zany humor. Nephew Tommy prank calls are hilarious and they have been complied in a CD. 

Besides being a presenter he is also one of the best comedians and earned reputation for vowing the crowd. He played a vital role on the Luther Vandross tour. He hosted the essence music festival in 2010 and more than 250,000 fans attended the event. There were also other popular artists who attended the event like Mary J Blige, Janet Jackson and Alicia Keys. In 2010 he recorded his one hour comedy at Motor City Casino. He still continues with his tours nationally. Whether he is on radio, stage or television he still continues to demonstrate his remarkable talent to delight the audience worldwide. 

Since he ventured into the comedy industry, Nephew Tommy has proved that, he is a good actor and film director. He has managed to direct around four length films and he is planning to focus on film production as well as director. He also said that, he also focusing to venture into the world of television. Some of the musicians that, Nephew has worked with have described him as hardworking and creative person. Today, there are so many magazines which talk about the life of Nephew Tommy and what he has managed to achieve. There are so many stories about online. 

Ardent fans of Nephew Tommy can still get prank calls that he has made online. Most of them have been posted on You Tube. So in case you have missed any or if you are interested in listening go online. Watching Nephew videos and listening to prank calls is a good way to relax your mind especially if your day was boring and tiresome.